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Meet The Doctors of Dimitri Dermatology

Dimitri Dermatology boasts of a team of professionals with extensive experience and a passion for treating the dermatological conditions that plague our patients. We understand how frustrating and sometimes uncomfortable having a skin condition can make our patients feel, but the staff at Dimitri Dermatology is here to help.

Using our state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques we diagnose your condition and together we will discuss your options and proceed on a course that will not only treat your condition but instill an added boost of confidence in you.

Dimitri Dermatology thanks you for your interest in our practice and we look forward to helping you. We accept most insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare.

We offer same-day appointments for medical emergencies.


  Dr. Elizabeth Dimitri, DO

Dr. Elizabeth Dimitri, DO


    Dr. Mehdi Mosadegh, MD

Dr. Mehdi Mosadegh, MD

  Dr. Jorge Cruz

Dr. Jorge Cruz, MD



  Dr. Thomas Ogeron

Dr. Thomas Orgeron, MD

   Dr. Clay Hubble

Dr. Joel Perdomo, MD

    Janice Birkhoff, Nurse Practitioner

Janice Birkhoff, NP


  Belinda Janeski, Nurse Practitioner

Belinda Janeski, NP

    Mark Callender, PA

Patricia "Lexi" Reed, P.A.


  Tiffaney Bergeron, RN

Jennifer Malley, NP

     Dr. Clay Hubble

Clay Hubble III, NP

   Tiffaney Bergeron, RN

Michelda West, FNP-BC